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You have to have a TARGET, if you want to Rock and Roll! 

I see lots of musicians sharing their music, shows, merch, news, and more with... well... lots of musicians. I see lots of musicians 'liking' and sharing music, shows, merch, news, and more from... well... other musicians. I see lots of musicians networking with other musicians. I see lots of musicians with cool, slick looking profiles on the latest and greatest indie whiz bang EPK sites with play counts, fans, shows - you name it - that are full of... other musicians. And, I see lots of musicians working…Read more

Sex, Drugs, Rock' n Roll 

Yeah, Right. I grew up being pummeled on all sides by that message. Somewhere along the line the "Music Business" began to offer a free pass to an excessive, self-destructive lifestyle. Heck, I even dreamed of that glorious land of Rock, where it was all possible. Ironically, the most sure fire way to NOT make it in the music business is to follow the trinity cocktail of excess noted above. In fact, it will most certainly lead to disaster.

Here are my “Top 3” tips to stay healthy and stand out above theRead more

So you had a bad show... 

So you had a bad show. It happens, often. Maybe you hit some wrong notes on guitar. Perhaps your vocals weren't as great as they usually are. Maybe you were having a bad day or the sound system was poor. Maybe the audience response wasn't quite the arena-style crowd roar you expected. Or, worst of all, you just weren't getting along with your band mates. It happens, often. 

I tour and travel full-time with the love of my life, my wife. We live together, work together, perform together, and spend just about…Read more

Learn to say "No." 

I get it. I really do. You want people to hear your music. You want to perform. You want to... (I always despise this term as it refers to my profession) "Play." Someone offers, "Exposure." (I despise that one even more.)

The fact is people die from too much exposure. It's true. Sure, there are good reasons to donate your time, energy, talent, resources, and work. But for the most part, it's a losing proposition for the artist and can actually be detrimental to one's music career. 

As an artist, one must look…Read more

Be Nice 

Hey, Hey, Indie Artists. 
The longer I live and the more years I continue to work in the Music Industry, the more I realize the overwhelming, game-changing power artists possess. I'm not talking about talent, which is certainly vital to success. Nor am I referring to business acumen, also important. I'm talking about simply being nice. 

If I had to give one piece of advice to aspiring artists, it would be to be nice to all with whom you work. Be kind to other artists. Be respectful when working with…Read more

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